La Pearl Waffles does not sell American style Belgian waffles. Many new customers may think that they have already had a "Belgian Waffle" when in fact what we have come to know as a Belgian waffle here in the states actually DOES NOT EXIST in Belgium.  If you are a first timer, we recommend having the waffle plain or some whip cream (since it is already sweet) this allows you to experience the authentic Liege Waffle.

We made the guide below named "Get to know Waffles" so that our customers can get to know the difference between waffles.  Liege waffles are typically not eaten in a plate with a fork and knife, they are eaten as an on-the-go snack, the same way you would hold a pretzel and this waffle can also be eaten at room temperature..  We want to make you feel like you are getting a taste of Belgium when you come to La Pearl Waffles! 

La Pearl Waffles Intro

"La" meaning "the" in french and pearl refers to the pearl sugar chunks in the recipe.

Since we have opened, we have been on a mission to introduce the "real" Belgian created "Gaufre de Liege" or Liege waffle to our customers.  Owner Ms. Christie grew up on the real Liege Waffle and decided to have the waffle dough made and imported directly from Belgium to preserve the authentic waffle experience, as this is the only way since ingredient flavors differ greatly between Belgium and the U.S.  La Pearl Waffles idea won 1st place at the Howard Community College in the 2006 Rocket Marketing Pitch Contest (formerly known as Wally Waffles).  The official debut took place in May 2011 at the Wine in the Woods Festival in Howard County, Maryland.  Since then we have participated in dozens of festivals and events across the state.  To accommodate for the growing interest, in Fall 2012 a waffle truck was added to help customers learn about our yummy waffles.  LPW has a wholesale division currently looking for s homes for these delicious waffles!  La Pearl Waffles has partnered with Howard Community College and University of Maryland in offering up this delicious treat!  LPW has also been featured in The Baltimore Sun, Howard County Times, Columbia Flier, 99.1 and HowChow Blog.

How does La Pearl compare to boxed or typical restaurant-style waffles?

La Pearl Waffles simply do not compare because they do not exist here. They are not your plain unsweetened boxed or restaurant style waffles and you can’t make these on a regular waffle iron. The Belgian waffle iron weight ranges from 60 lbs-100lbs and allows the waffle to bake at the perfect temperature. No need for syrup, the waffle is a sweet vanilla flavored and thick textured Liege waffle infused with pearl sugar chunks. Within each of these Pearls lies the authentic taste which caramelizes on the outside of the waffle when baked. Adding syrup to these waffles would be like adding syrup to a donut.

We experimented with the recipe and ingredients in the U.S countless times and could not come up with a product that matches the original Belgian Liege Waffle flavor. Due to the difference in flavor of Belgian quality ingredients, we decided to have the dough made there and imported here to preserve the authentic original flavors. We are happy to say that eating a La Pearl Waffle is the same as eating a waffle in Belgium.


They originate from a town in Belgium called Liege. Pearl Waffle is a richer, denser, sweeter, and thicker waffle. They are cooked from a dough not a typical American style batter. The dough has pearl sugar chunks. If it needs syrup, it’s not a TRUE authentic Belgian Waffle. They can be eaten anytime of the day as a breakfast, snack or dessert.

What are the La Pearl Waffle ingredients?

Ingredients are all natural and they are the following: flour, sugar, margarine, pearl sugar, eggs, salt, vanilla, yeast water

Waffle Specifications:

ALLERGENS:  Egg, Gluten

NO preservative agents

How many calories in one La Pearl Waffle?

367 Calories


When it comes to a true Belgian Liege-style waffle, looks can be deceiving.  It was very important that we provide a true Belgian experience to our customers even if it meant more work for us.  Our waffle dough is imported directly from Belgium, the waffle you eat here is exactly what you would eat in Belgium. This is a waffle that cannot be recreated here even by using the same recipe.  Belgian ingredients yield different flavors and therefore give a different result.  The Liege waffle is made from a dough which can not be cooked on any regular home waffle iron, it must be cooked on a specific Belgian waffle iron in order to cook to perfection.  


The original! No need for syrup, the waffle is infused with pearl sugar chunks which melt and caramelize when baked giving it a perfect sweetness.




A less-sweet waffle with a very smooth texture, sure to delight you